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One of the most important raw materials of our world is
Is water. Although the water rate in the world is 97.2%, only 2.8% is from fresh water.
It consists. And only 2.8% of this 2.8% can be used as drinking water.
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon officially reported this danger in 2007.
He spoke by mouth as follows; «Water scarcity economic and social
not only pose a serious threat to values ​​but potential
will lead to fights. Our fear is that today's oil fights,
water fights that will become more valuable tomorrow
will leave. "

As it is known, even though our world is covered with 3/2 of water,
only 1% of water is naturally beneficial. Population growth and
globalization also new diseases over time (Ebola, SARS, H5N1, Coronavirus - 2019-nCOV


This is still being done by scientists and doctors
The most effective recommended to prevent the spread of microbial diseases
The method is to wash our hands more.
Even though humanity starts taking little awareness steps and moves
clean and usable water, one of the basic needs of life
it does not yet show the necessary sensitivity to its resources. But in life
in order to stay, we will meet the indispensable water need
The main starting point for solving the problems is of course saving ...
Possible water crisis in the short term due to unconscious use day
Signed a discovery that has the nature of "REVOLUTION" for our increasing world
We are taking.

Because Delifer energy products are breaking new ground in water and energy consumption ...
Delifer energy products are 100% Turkish design, using recycled bio plastic raw material made of olive seeds for the first time in the world, thanks to its nature-friendly and production spray technology, 96% less water consumption and 100% energy saving
It is a faucet system that also provides ideal hygiene conditions.
Wherever water use is required (dwellings, smart buildings,
planes, ships, trains, airports, schools, mosques, etc.)
Due to its saving features, the use of Delifer energy products is now the most useful
and has become the most economical option.


96% less water consumption

100% energy saving

100% eco-friendly bio plastic

Maximum cleaning power in ideal hygiene conditions

Keeps your skin soft and does not feel cold

He conducts innovation studies in the core department of Istanbul Technical University (ITU).




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