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Model : 024634-001

Tasarruf aparatı,tasarruflu perlatör

Bio aerator

* 2,4 liter water consumption in 1 minute.


* Soluble in nature


* The only product in the bio plastic field


* 350-400 tons of water saving in 1 year in one tap


* It can be composted in nature without any chemical treatment.


* They protect the fossil sources, which provide the unique potential of carbon neutrality.


* It contains less toxic substances.


* It does not contain carcinogenic substances in fossil fuels.


* It does not constitute a negative factor for health.


* Greenhouse gas reduces emission by 75%.


* It provides a positive effect on global warming.


* It releases less carbon dioxide.


* 100% Renewable raw material.


* It can mix into the soil in maximum 45 days and become compost (fertilizer).


Consumption: 1 min / 2,4 liters

1-year warranty

delifer perlatör 12lt.jpg

Aerator Installation Suggestions:

1. Place the water inlet of the aerator with the upper WHITE strainer part facing upwards.

2. Make sure that the old gasket is not stuck in the faucet. Otherwise, when you think it is stuck and open the tap, it may throw because it is not jammed completely. It does the same if you put it upside down.

3. If there is too much pressure in the faucet, try to use it by turning it down a little from the valve in the lower cabinet. As a result, you will get good results even at 1.5 bar pressure. If you turn down more water, the hot water intake from the combi may stop.

4. At least once every 6-8 months, disassemble your aerator and clean the stone-soil and lime that comes from inside the pipe. You will have efficient use. You can also remove limescale by cleaning it with vinegar.

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